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Welcome to the ArtReach Learning Portal, a dynamic new resource that brings the ArtReach experience to you. Designed to go beyond geographical barriers and schedule limitations, our portal brings the joy of creating to students wherever they are. Join us on this creative journey and explore the transformative power of art.


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School Site Plan (up to 12 logins) – $1,500 per year

Individual Educator Plan (one login) – $240 per year

We have yearly membership options for individual educators as well as entire school sites. You can purchase a membership directly or contact if you would like to use a purchase order.

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Membership Features

An ArtReach Learning Portal membership brings the ArtReach experience to your students.

Video Art Lessons

Enjoy ten, professional quality, video art lessons that take you and your students through each project from start to finish. The video lessons cover social-emotional learning, contemporary art connections, and the entire art making process. Put the video on and create with your students while we take care of instruction!

Educator Resource Library

Each lesson is accompanied by educator and student resources. A detailed educator guide covers the lesson, social-emotional connections, and gives teachers guidance on how to talk about art and expand the project with different age groups. Student resources are provided in English and Spanish to assist students in conceptualizing, planning, and creating their artwork.

Member Support

Have a question for us? We’re here to help you implement these art lessons in your classroom! From technical support to creative suggestions, we’re here to ensure your art time is fun and successful.

What our members are saying...

“We are beyond excited to delve into this new venture and to increase access to visual arts education in a new way! When we created these lessons, we envisioned how they could help bring more art into classrooms. We see artistic magic happen every day in our residencies and that's what inspired us when we filmed the videos and put together all the lesson content.”

- Sierra Aguilar

“Our commitment to this process only mirrors our passion for fostering creativity and artistic expression. We hope our carefully crafted lessons will make a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives of those we hope to serve."

- Angela Russell

"With a focus on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, each of the ten diverse art projects were carefully designed to encourage personal growth and emotional development.”

- Laurie Evans

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join / sign up?

Use the "Sign Up Today" button above, which will take you to a secure checkout form. After you complete checkout you're in! Easy.

What is included in my membership?

Your membership includes access to all ten video lessons and unlimited downloads of all the educator and student resources for one year.

How does billing and access to the content work?

You are charged at the time of purchase a membership fee that will give you access to the ArtReach Learning Portal lessons and content for one year. The Individual Educator level costs $240 and includes one login. The School Site level costs $1,500 and includes up to 12 logins.

How can I pay for a membership with a check or school purchase order?

You may pay for a membership with a check or purchase order through your school site. The charge is the same as the online credit card rate. Email us at to request a PO or physical payment.

Do I need an art background to use these lessons?

You do not need an art background to use these lessons in your classroom! Each lesson provides you with everything you need; from educator guides, student resources, to full-length video lessons to allow you to sit back and create with your students.

How long do the art projects take to complete?

Each art project is designed to take 1-2 hours to complete. Most projects can be completed start to finish in one session, but some of the projects are completed over two sessions. Additionally, there are student resources that can expand the length and scope of the projects, should the educator choose to utilize them.

What age group are the lessons geared toward?

The lessons have been designed to accommodate students in kindergarten through fifth grade with minimal modification. Included with each lesson is an educator guide that provides instruction on how to scaffold or expand on the project for different age groups.

Where can I get supplies for the lessons?

We have a resource page for all the supplies you need to the projects on our website. Click here to visit the supply list. If you choose to purchase through one of our links, ArtReach receives a small commission that will help us fund our art programming for youth.

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